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Welcome to my website.


On this platform I intend to share my photographic work with all of you out there who are interested in this subject. Some of the photographs you will come across in my albums are still analog and go back as far as 1972. Since the quality of the old analog photographs are not of the same standard as the digital cameras of today, it is nevertheless part of my photographic journey.


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This is a photographic journey which I have been on for some years indeed. I intend to carry on and have still lots to learn about this subject. A well known photographer once said: I do not want to be famous, but I want my work to be appreciated!

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After my return from Kenya in March 2014, I decided that I

need to do something for this Maasai girl by the name of:


"Maseto Kapurua"


She lives near the Amboseli National Park, since feeling sorry

for her situation was no longer enough for me. I have carried

her image in my mind and have had many thoughts about

how I could make the difference in her life and the rest of her

friends and the Maasai clan.


My vision and intention is to go back there and make the

difference. If YOU are interested and would like to join me

in this project, please contact me.


Click here to see the photographs of the Maasai Project Part 1


In October 2014 my vision became reality and I arrived back

at the Maasai village with a 4x4 loaded with goods, clothing &

food for the kids and adults including school material for 35 kids.


Click here to see the photographs of the Maasai project Part 2






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